• Dylan Faison

    Dylan Faison, a versatile athlete, excels in lacrosse and football. With a passion ignited from an early age, his natural athleticism and competitive spirit drive him. On the lacrosse field, Faison demonstrates agility, speed, and strategic prowess, excelling in multiple positions. His leadership and teamwork contribute to team success. In football, he showcases strength, speed, and agility, making significant contributions across offense, defense, and special teams. Off the field, Faison embodies sportsmanship, discipline, and perseverance, serving as a role model in his community. With a commitment to excellence in both athletics and academics, Dylan recently committed to play football at the University of Notre Dame. He also plans on playing lacrosse at Notre Dame similarly to his brother Jordan.

    Dylan Faison
  • Jordan

    Jordan Faison, a standout freshman at the University of Notre Dame, is excelling in football and poised to leave a mark in lacrosse. His debut season in football showcased his versatility, including a memorable touchdown catch in the Sun Bowl, highlighting his potential as an offensive force. Transitioning to lacrosse in 2024, Faison's background as a football quarterback and safety underscores his well-rounded athleticism, positioning him as a promising impact player. He embodies the essence of a "student-athlete" at Notre Dame, excelling in both sports and academics. 2023 Sun Bowl MVP. Freshman season highlights: 19 catches, 322 yards, 4 touchdowns, with standout performances in key games, including a 55-yard reception in the Sun Bowl.



Who are Unfaised Athletes

Unfaised Athletes exhibit a remarkable display of being unfaised. Their ability to remain composed and undeterred in challenging situations sets them apart. Regardless of the intensity of competition or the magnitude of pressure, Unfaised athletes maintain a grounded and resolute mindset. They demonstrate mental toughness that allows them to stay focused on the game plan, exhibit exceptional decision-making skills, and adapt to unpredictable circumstances. An Unfaised athletes unwavering commitment to their team, coupled with their ability to navigate obstacles with grace, showcases their unfaised nature. It is this exceptional trait that enables them to consistently perform at their best, inspiring both teammates and opponents alike and contributing to their success as an outstanding athlete. BE UNFAISED

“An Unfaised athletes unwavering commitment to their team, coupled with their ability to navigate obstacles with grace, showcases their unfaised nature.”


– Jordan Faison



The Notre Dame UnFaised towel transcends mere spectacle; it serves as a tangible expression of the Fighting Irish spirit, embodying the unwavering resolve and unyielding determination that define the team. When fans swing the UnFaised towel with fervor, it symbolizes more than just a display of support; it communicates a powerful message of resilience and fearlessness in the face of adversity.

Each swing of the UnFaised towel is a declaration that Notre Dame players are UnFaised by any challenge, undeterred by the magnitude of the moment, and steadfast in their commitment to excellence. It signals to both friend and foe alike that, no matter the circumstances, the Fighting Irish will meet every obstacle with courage and determination.

In this way, the unfaised towel becomes a rallying cry for the team, inspiring players to channel their inner strength and summon the grit necessary to overcome any obstacle. Its rhythmic motion mirrors the ebb and flow of the game itself, infusing the stadium with an electric energy that propels the team forward and ignites the passion of the crowd.

As fans unite in swinging the UnFaised towel as one, they send a powerful message of solidarity and support to the players on the field. Each swing serves as a reminder that, together, they are capable of achieving greatness and overcoming any challenge that stands in their way.

In essence, the Notre Dame UnFaised towel is more than just a symbol of support; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Fighting Irish and a rallying cry for all who proudly wear the blue and gold.

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